Untitled photo

Photography exercises parts of my brain and frees parts of my soul that I have long ignored, underutilized. And that feels really good. Much of my work was made at the right time, right place; saw it, shot it. I’ve had some amazing experiences and tried to capture where I have been and what I saw.  I want my photographs to elicit an emotional response from the viewer; empathy, delight, amusement, good memories, bad memories. If the image stimulates a desire to go someplace, meet someone or see colors and shapes up close, then I have achieved something. If they laugh with me or just look more deeply into a photo, that is success for me as the photographer. As I continue to learn and work at this craft, building a body of work, it is my goal to move to more deliberate and purposeful creations which ideally evoke feelings of common experience, joy and the importance of human relationship.

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